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Covid-19 Update

Publishded on 05/04/2020

In the fight against Covid-19, Biosolve Group has started to produce hydro alcoholic (hydro-alcoolique) solutions in large quantities to supply public authorities.   We are also actively focusing...

GC Reference Standard Solvents

Publishded on 21/02/2020

Residual solvents, commonly referred to volatile impurities, are trace organic solvents that may be found after the production process of many products used in our daily life, such as, active substances...

Karl-Fischer reagents and solvents

Publishded on 21/02/2020

Biosolve offers a comprehensive range of coulometric and volumetric HYDROQUANT ®  reagents for water analysis by Karl-Fischer method. HYDROQUANT ®  product line makes water determination easy and...