Biosolve Chemicals,
Solvents in pure form.

Optimised logistics in a booming industrial environment. Biosolve’s core business builds on more than 30 years of experience producing and distributing high purity solvents, formulations and reagents for research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and food-processing industries.

Experience and Know-How

Our new state-of-the-art facility at the Moselle site covers 4,500 m2 and was recently fully renovated to comply with all environmental, quality and safety standards. The installations are fully equipped to the highest standard and ISO 9001 certified, integrating extensive risk management measures across all company operations.

100% own production and globally recognised quality.

The company is a major player in the world market, with a leading position in the production of very high purity reagents, formulations and solvents, specialising in liquid and gas phase chromatography and specialised products for organic chemistry and DNA/RNA synthesis.

Perfect product quality is our top priority and one of the strengths of our product range.

Reagents and solvents – whether standard or made-to-order, purity is guaranteed.

In addition to producing pharmaceutical, chemical or analytical grade reagents and solvents, Biosolve can offer specialised product lines including formulations and ultra-pure solvents for custom applications, of particular importance in the pharmaceutical industry. A pilot project will be created to assess feasibility and costs.

From distillation to bottling, Biosolve controls all manufacturing steps.

We process large quantities of solvents, reagents and formulations every day under very strict quality assurance and control. Our dedication to protect our employees and the environment is equally high – all of our operations are performed under extraction hoods. The bottling lines use containers tailored to the purity grade of the product (the higher the purity grade, the higher the quality of glass used). Numerous types of containers are used in the ‘flowshuttle’ system connecting Biosolve and its customers, including bottles, drums and jerry cans. The innovative use of returnable stainless steel drums reflects our commitment to sustainability and is part of our efforts towards obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

An international industrial environment open to Europe.

Thanks to our warehouse locations in Lorraine and Maastricht, Biosolve is optimally located to supply its European customers, whose requirements are increasingly specialised and include a strong environmental aspect.

Production potential unrivalled in Europe.

From R&D to bulk production, Biosolve supports you along every step of the way – from testing and analysis to certification and product development. Biosolve’s production capacity can satisfy the most demanding requirements: volumes from 25 to 1000 L in plastic or stainless steel drums or IBCs, or 5 to 20,000 L for ‘shuttles’, all delivered with the same guaranteed quality and attention to detail.

Biosolve is continually expanding its catalogue with products and services.

Specialised in the production and distribution of high purity solvents, Biosolve supplies hospital analytical laboratories, universities, research institutes, environmental analytical laboratories and associated industries.

From analytical laboratories to
industrial production.

Biosolve is dedicated to quality and providing products that meet its customers’ requirements, regardless of order size. All methods used – including shuttles, storage and handling – are optimised to ensure competitive pricing, guarantee product quality, and ensure transparency and traceability. Full specifications are available for all product ranges. But Biosolve doesn’t stop there!

The latest ultra-high performance HPLC systems – used to achieve significant improvements in analytical speed, reproducibility, resolution and sensitivity – require very high purity solvents. Biosolve has designed and developed the ULC/MS grade to address this need: a range of chemically very pure solvents and solutions, microfiltered to 0.1μm, as well as essential acids and salts. They are packaged in an inert gas environment, ensuring a long shelf life.